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Sherri Lynn Zimmerman ~ 

 Co-Creator with Spirit  of The Chakra Games

Daughter of Author Sandy K. Musser 

&  Ken W. Zimmerman

Siblings: Wendy, James, Linda, Steven

Born in the small town of Merchantville, New Jersey in 1961.

Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon 



My grandparents owned a sweet little cape cod house down the shore of New Jersey. . . 

As small children, my siblings and I stayed weeks at a time over many summers growing up. 

One of the many memorable times was each night we would sit at the kitchen table, playing board games such as Yahtzee, Parcheesi and other fun games! 

Once the games finished, and the night was closing and before she tucked us into a warm cozy bed, we would be get one yummy chocolate Ring Ding wrapped in that shiny silver wrapping. What a treat!

It stems from this fun-filled connection of having those moments in Time, to share small talk, hear each other's laughter that be present during the quite night, that spurred The Chakra Games into being (besides many past lives!).  

Emily Turner Zimmerman (July, 1913)

William Zimmerman (May, 1916)  

Villas, New Jersey

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