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My love for you spans the length 

of the eagle's wings in flight​ and soars high, 

gently caressing the mountain peaks

I only wonder why . . . 

Could it be his sense of distinction that makes him So Wise?

his subtlety, smoothness that portrays his image


I can only surmise . . .

Though many times he may falter and fall 

to the ground, like many times in the past, 

his wings will mend, again and again,

 only this time to last . . .

and forever with his strength accrued

it will carry him back ~ 

back to a distant forgotten shore

only this time, to return, no more . . .

Finally it is the season that bears new growth

and he has found his place to nest,

all his lessons of flying are through

and now he can quietly rest . . .

and the love that was harbored 

deep and safe within

is now given freely, for he has again,

discovered his twin . . .

for the creator of all things, big and small,

has chosen this era 

when the universe succumbs to his will,


for the perfect mating call . . .

the grand event has been foretold

throughout ancient history 

they originated from the same mold . . .

Whisper the sages of long ago,

'Once again, the two shall be as One'

and as for the eagle

he follows a different course now,

~ the sun

and obeys the commands of the wind

for he knows that only by the grace of god

his wings are mended,  and his soul, set free,

he believes, yes, he believes . . . .

written by sherri for ~ the boy at the sea


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