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Durham, NC

1:11 Art & Healing Space 

Location: University Drive, Durham NC.


Owner & Operator Artist, Teacher  

brings to life magic by weaving the beauty of life itself, with brilliant colors & unique perceptions onto canvas. 

Andria's creativity displays as one of the great artists of centuries past. And yet, some of pieces of her art is refreshingly new, inspiring, and unique.. 

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1:11 Arts & Healing Space 

December 2021, I was given sweet refuge here for a few months to gain rest and regain clarity through a few the cold winter months. 

Andria & I were able to work out a great barter exchange. Since there had been a struggle keeping the doors open for building the business, I agreed to keep the doors open for many days, while living on the premises!

Soon, little by little, movement began filling up the rooms... and well? . . . the rest is Herstory!

2nd photo

Inside the front door to the right, 

this beautiful space! 

Next photo to right of this... IS... 

the sweet Sun Room! 

Enjoy peaceful time for reading, resting or soaking up the warm energy from both the Sun itself & the creativity vibes!

LAST photo is of the FRONT PORCH before stepping into this Artistic Wonderland!

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